Bad Blogger

I’ve been a very bad blogger these last weeks (or months, actually). To try and make myself forgiven, I can only say that I’ve been sick with a cold, then tired because I had been sick, then sick again, then away on vacation (more on that in a few days) where I caught my third cold in a row. Returning home has been rather epic, with The Husband sick as well, and The Cat who had also caught a cold while in cat pension. We have all been rather unwell last week, but The Cat, poor thing, was the most unwell of us. She seems to be getting better, between antibiotic shots and daily medication, and since yesterday has recovered enough to manifest interest in Things instead of dragging herself to the couch, where I sat blowing my nose through boxes of kleenexes (is that a word ?), and collapsing heavily on my lap, breathing laboriously through the mouth.

Just when I was beginning to cough a little less yesterday, I began to feel an acute pain in my back which is not getting better. I’m grateful to be still able to knit, provided my back is straight and propped up on a complex combination of pillows. So, instead of speaking of my holidays, the yarn I bought while away, and how I got to actually knit on an international flight, I’ll just knit on, because the mere thought of taking photographs to show you makes my back hurt. Hopefully I’ll be up to it in two or three days !




— Christ is risen !

— He is risen indeed !


Happy Easter evening to you all !

Two Updates

If you are that rare and (literally) unique person, the only reader who happened on that blog (except my husband, of course), then you may notice that the blog title and header have changed. The first ones (“Brindelaine’s Place”, along with the birdhouse picture) were chosen in haste, to fill in the blank ; I think the current ones are going to stay there for a while. I like them.

The second update is about my designing adventures and that famous green short-sleeved top. Reader, I frogged it.

Do not faint though : it is already reborn under a new and (hopefully) better form. On Saturday, I was browsing one of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s books. I can’t remember which one, but some lines jumped to my face. It approximately said that every knitter has a knitted monstrosity on their shelves, something that said knitter had managed to work on hour after hour while convincing themselves that this unpromising thing would somehow blossom into a work of art. I felt a pang. I dutifully ignored it and knit a few more rows. But I was more and more disturbed by a growing unease. And then it hit me : I was knitting a monstrosity. All those cables ! Cables everywhere, on the front, on the back, on the sleeves, under the arms ! And not even thin, discreet cables, but rather big ones ! I imagined that lovely, soft yarn turned into a green monster and sitting forgotten, lonely and unloved on a shelf. And I ripped everything.

It now features plain stockinette stitch on the back and sleeves, and a nice horseshoe pattern on the front. I am pleased with this new look and glad I started over. If it turns out as well as it promises to, this won’t be a forgotten and lonely top.

A Welcome

One day I thought, “I’d like to have a blog about knitting.” This is it.

Of course, talking or writing about knitting is intimately connected with talking or writing about what makes a human life, its small and big events, its joys and sorrows, its welcomes and farewells. Knitting is one of the underlying fabrics of my day-to-day life. My mood influences the colours I choose, the textures I would like to feel under my fingers, wether I would prefer to knit lace or cables, intricate colourwork or stripes, or just plain stockinette stitch. It even influences my tension. But the reverse is also true : knitting influences my mood. It frustrates me, delights me, soothes me, fills me with expectation. It gives me the necessary space to pause and think while keeping my fingers busy with its peaceful rhythm. It has become part of who I am.

So, come in and let’s chat about it !