Bad Blogger

I’ve been a very bad blogger these last weeks (or months, actually). To try and make myself forgiven, I can only say that I’ve been sick with a cold, then tired because I had been sick, then sick again, then away on vacation (more on that in a few days) where I caught my third cold in a row. Returning home has been rather epic, with The Husband sick as well, and The Cat who had also caught a cold while in cat pension. We have all been rather unwell last week, but The Cat, poor thing, was the most unwell of us. She seems to be getting better, between antibiotic shots and daily medication, and since yesterday has recovered enough to manifest interest in Things instead of dragging herself to the couch, where I sat blowing my nose through boxes of kleenexes (is that a word ?), and collapsing heavily on my lap, breathing laboriously through the mouth.

Just when I was beginning to cough a little less yesterday, I began to feel an acute pain in my back which is not getting better. I’m grateful to be still able to knit, provided my back is straight and propped up on a complex combination of pillows. So, instead of speaking of my holidays, the yarn I bought while away, and how I got to actually knit on an international flight, I’ll just knit on, because the mere thought of taking photographs to show you makes my back hurt. Hopefully I’ll be up to it in two or three days !


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