The Purple Sweater, Done at Last : Francis Revisited

IMGP5884A few posts back, I wrote about that purple sweater I was finishing for a friend. Well, it is done. It is blocked and dried, all ends woven in. And I’m so unhappy with it.

As you can see, it is very big on me – but my friend is larger than I am, so hopefully this won’t be too much of a problem. Also, the collar looks a bit weird. That’s because I read the instructions too fast, didn’t realize it before I was done and so fed up with working with that yarn that I didn’t want to rip back and redo it. Case in point : just before the moss stitch border at the end of the collar, the pattern read : K1, M1, K to end of round. And what did I of course do ? *K1, M1* to end of round.

Actually, even if a bit weird, I don’t think the collar looks that bad. My issue is rather with the yarn. Now it has been washed and dried, I do like it a little bit better; the stockinette parts are really soft to the touch. But, as I said when I was knitting it, is extremely unforgiving. Joining between balls showing ? Check (I can make out at least three places on the front in the above picture). Woven-in ends showing ? Check (see left sleeve). I’m not sure how to fix that, so any idea or solution would be welcome.


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