A Welcome

One day I thought, “I’d like to have a blog about knitting.” This is it.

Of course, talking or writing about knitting is intimately connected with talking or writing about what makes a human life, its small and big events, its joys and sorrows, its welcomes and farewells. Knitting is one of the underlying fabrics of my day-to-day life. My mood influences the colours I choose, the textures I would like to feel under my fingers, wether I would prefer to knit lace or cables, intricate colourwork or stripes, or just plain stockinette stitch. It even influences my tension. But the reverse is also true : knitting influences my mood. It frustrates me, delights me, soothes me, fills me with expectation. It gives me the necessary space to pause and think while keeping my fingers busy with its peaceful rhythm. It has become part of who I am.

So, come in and let’s chat about it !


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